Leah, a dancer turned creative, with a passion for beauty and talent for innovative design. Currently running two businesses already - one in beauty and the other in crafts. Phoebe, an American Studies student turned finance professional, with a passion for social purpose and a sweet spot for colourful coats. She isn't new to the fast paced environment of a start up.


We decided to name the company Caribé as a nod to our roots. Whilst we were born and raised in Surrey by British parents, we knew  our heritage comes from the Caribbean, more specifically both Antigua and Trinidad. We didn’t feel we had much opportunity to explore more about that heritage. For me (Phoebe) when I was watching a BBC documentary called ‘The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita’ it really made me want to look deeper into where my ancestors came from, and to do something that would honour them, while doing something for today’s broader black and mixed-race community. For me (Leah) I really want to show respect for my mother and grandmother. She makes great Caribbean food for a start, and I know about the struggles they’ve both had as people of colour.


    Caribé isn’t just a company. We are building a community of people who resonate with our brand and its values. We want to make a social impact on the wider world by encouraging people to embrace their skin colour and their heritage. Our first product enhances melanin-rich skins, and allows users to control their skin tone, without damaging their skin health in the long term (i.e. through sun bathing). If you're reading this and feel aligned with us and the company we are creating, then get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.


    Caribé was made with impact in mind. What do we mean by this? Each decision we make we ensure we have our environmental and social impact at the forefront of our decisions. On the environmental side of things, we have sourced our ingredients from the UK where possible, ensured our bottles and packaging are made from recyclable materials. We also minimise the packaging as far as possible, whilst ensuring no damage is made to the product in transit. Socially, our impact will come through achieving our mission and our community creation.