You've come here because you're not sure how best to apply our mousse?

Don't worry, we're here to help.

Shower first, make sure you completely exfoliate your body to get rid of dead skin. Make sure your whole body is dry before applying. No need to apply moisturiser, we got that covered with Shea Butter in the tan. You can however still moisturise but make sure you are dry before proceeding.

We recommend 2-3 pumps per body part onto the Caribé Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt, and rub in circular motions to ensure seamless coverage. If you're wanting a darker look it's easily layered, just add another pump or two and apply over the areas you've previously tanned.

Phoebe’s tips - I like to moisturise first, let it dry then use 3 pumps on each leg, and 2 for my arms, back, front and neck. I use the product on my face as I blend my foundation into my neck tan, making it seamless (I love that I can use my summer foundation all year round).

Leah’s tips - I like to layer, 3 pumps on each leg, 2 on each arm and the body, then I do an extra one or two for a darker finish. I use it on my face to wake up with a ‘natural’ contour (we love a low maintenance high maintenance girly).

Leave on for 4-6 hours (we prefer overnight) and then wash off with no soap until the water runs clear then you're good to go!

PSA: you don't have to tan your whole body every time. Wearing trousers and a little top? Just tan your top half!

Before use please make sure to patch test!